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"BronxNet Media Production Access Coming to East Bronx"


Created: Monday, 08 October 2012 14:48

BronxNet at Mercy College Bronx, N.Y. – October 5, 2012 – Today, BronxNet announced it will build a TV Studio at Mercy College in the East Bronx to provide technological access and media production training at the Hutch Metro Center. The BronxNet studio will be called BronxNet at Mercy College and is scheduled to open in the early spring of 2013. The Center is expected to bring an influx of jobs and industry.

The new space will include an express TV studio, which will provide for talk show and other types of productions, access to cameras and related equipment for field shoots and post-production systems to edit programs into creative finished programs. A range of production classes will be offered for Bronx residents along with the opportunity to create programs to air on BronxNet channels.

BronxNet at Mercy College answered a call for media generation facilities at various Bronx geographical locations as demonstrated in a needs assessment survey. The new center will be digitally interconnected with BronxNet's existing facility and network operations at Lehman College in the West Bronx.

"Our East Bronx facility is very necessary and timely as we celebrate 20 years of providing services and Broadcasting in the Bronx in 2013. This partnership between Mercy College and BronxNet will benefit the community, and we welcome the participation of Bronx residents, community leaders, organizations and students," says BronxNet Chairman Paul T. Gentile.

"We are pleased to partner with BronxNet to create BronxNet at Mercy College," said Mercy College Chief Operating Officer Joseph Schaefer. "The new center provides tremendous real-world learning opportunities for our students and is another way for the College to serve as an active member of the community."

"Students and residents of the East Bronx will now have an even more attainable way to learn media skills, produce programs, and share their vision on BronxNet's television channels. BronxNet at Mercy College will bring you new technological tools and training to allow you to keep your voice in the mix in this fast-moving digital age" states BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe.

About BronxNet:
BronxNet is the independent not-for-profit organization serving the people of the Bronx through the provision of media production training, access to technology, and cable television channels. BronxNet programs six channels - 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 on the Verizon FiOS system and four channels - 67, 68, 69 and 70 - on the Cablevision system in the Bronx. BronxNet's ultra-local programming helps connect the Bronx with the World while our training programs and partnerships are a part of community development through media. For information on BronxNet's programs and services visit:

About Mercy College:
Founded in 1950, Mercy College is a private, not-for-profit higher education institution that offers more than 90 undergraduate and graduate programs within five schools: Business, Education, Health and Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Liberal Arts. Mercy College offers an engaging and personalized learning experience that includes the College's revolutionary Personalized Achievement Contract (PACT) program. The Mercy College PACT is the first program of its kind and now serves as a nationally recognized model for mentoring. The PACT program was featured as a "Best Practice" for retention and career services by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). 877-MERCY-GO.

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