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About SPSI

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Special People Special Issues (SPSI) is a half hour program that deals with interviews, news and views about the special needs community. Mr. Seilers' monthly program has won many awards from various agencies. His most recent is a commendation from William C. Thompson comptroller from the City of New York.
The reason for SPSI and it's creation is that Mr. Seiler saw a need that wasn't being met on tv for the disabled community.
In 2008 SPSI will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary!
SPSI is also produced by Roderick Giles, a distinquished film producer and trainer at Bronxnet.
Special People Special Issues airs Monday through Saturday 4pm, Sundays 12 noon & 9pm, on Cablevision's channel 67 & Verizon Fios channel 33.

Special people Special Issues: a new season on BronxNet will feature the following episodes:

    1. Sprout -- a recreational organization for the disabled that has a conversation with Lawrence Seiler on their make a movie program. Scott Randall, Program Director of Sprout and Jonathan Nova appear in the episode.
    2. A profile on Commissioner Matthew Sapolin - Mayors Office for People with Disabilities. In this episode people of the Bronx can find out services that the mayors office offers people with special needs plus Mr. Seiler goes a little further with the commissioner into his personal life and finds out that he plays baseball for the blind and visually impaired.
    3. Sports and people with disabilities part 1. In this episode Todd Phillpott from the Achilles Track Club will discuss his involvement with paralymic sports and cycling. Mr. Phillpott dispite him being hit head on by a NYC bus and a tax,i he still manages to come out on top and strive for the best sports health and diets are discussed as well.
    4. Sports and people with disabilities part 2. In this epidsode the New York City sports commission joins Mr. Seiler for the 4th time on the program with Kenneth Potsiba the Sports Comishinor of NYC and discusses with Mr. Seiler the importance of recreation and people with disabilities and the 2nd edition of the sports guide exercise your ability is discussed plus an interview with Giselle Susca Associate Executive Director of Kings Bridge Heights community center to talk about their special needs recreational program.
    5. Epilepsy medical miracle - epilepsy is discussed with epilepsy Institute and a profile on Michael Feeley epilepsy survivor.

Airs schedule: Monday - Friday: 4:00 pm | Monday: 8:00 pm | Tuesday: 4:00 am | Wednesday: 8:30 am | Sunday: 8:00 am, 12 noon, 9:00 pm