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New Yorkers, do you know your rights? Do you know the laws that protect you and your loved ones? Today’s Verdict with Trial Attorney David Lesch provides answers to some of the most difficult legal issues faced by your average New Yorker.

We want to hear what is troubling you. Landlord Mayhem? Immigration Issues? Employment Concerns? We cover the law A-Z. Send us your comments. All legal issues, all the time! So don't be shy!

Host David Lesch, is a Bronx Native and an outstanding trial attorney. He has been a television legal correspondent for over seven years. At his family practice, Lesch & Lesch, he has spent the last 18 years handling all aspects of a civil case, taking several verdicts a year in all five boroughs Today’s Verdict is highly informative live, half-hour television show you don’t want to miss. Tune in to watch David tackle all the tough topics of the day and answer some of your questions; every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter .